Options Strategies

Montly Income Using the Option Strategies

To discuss about the 20+ Options Strategies To Generate Montly Income from Share Market



Overview about Options Strategies

One Leg Option Strategies

Long Call

Short Call

Long Put

Short Call

Spread Strategies (2 Legs)

Bull Call Spread

Bear Call Spread

Bull Put Spread

Bear Put Spread

Margin Calculation for Above Strategies

Straddle Strategies (2 Legs)

Long Straddle

Short Straddle

Strangle Strategies (2 Legs)

Long Strangle

Short Strangle

Ratio Spread

1x2 ratio volatility spread with calls

1x2 ratio volatility spread with Puts

Calendar Spread Strategies (2 Legs)

Long Calendar Spread with Calls

Long Calendar Spread with Puts

Short Calendar Spread with Calls

Short Calendar Spread with Puts

Iron Condor Strategies (4 Legs)

Butterfly Spread Strategies

Long Butterfly Spread with Calls

Long Butterfly Spread with Puts

Long Combo (Low Capital)

Covered Call (Protect Your Holdings)

Sensibull Web Execution


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