Futures and Options Trading

Course Overview:​

After Taking this course you will be able to trade in FnO Sements and in Indices like NIFTY, BankNifty, etc



Overview about Derivatives Market and Comparision

Difference Between Intraday Trading, Long Term Investment and Derivatives Segments

Pre-requisites for Derivatives Market

How much Minimum money required for Derivatives Market

Futures Trading Overview

Future Contracts

What are Expiry contracts and Expiry days

What is Lot Size

How to see brokerages and transactions for Futures trading before executing the trade

Example of Lot Size in Stocks and Indices

Options Trading Overview

What is a Call Option

What is a Put Option

Difference between Buying and selling a call Option

Difference between Buying and selling a Put Option

How to analyse Option chain in NSE


Index FnO

Bank Nifty Futures & Options Trading

NIFTY Futures & Options Trading

Options Trading Strategies

Risk and Account Management

Stoploss – Overview and necessary

Trading Psychology and Discipline

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